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Why is your cat constantly waiting for you at the door?

Why is your cat constantly waiting for you at the door

Cats are notorious for being cold-blooded pets, but that doesn't mean they don't show devotion to their owners. It all started with the rural expansion in substantial China when people began to see cats as helpful creatures because they were excellent at controlling rodent damage.

Many years have passed, and there are now many cat lovers in the world, and despite the fact that these pets are thought to have a cold heart, cats have their own unique method of expressing devotion.

1 They might be able to pay attention to you.

It's no surprise that your cat knows when you're about to enter your home; it has excellent hearing, can detect a wide range of frequencies, and can detect sharper sounds than humans.

As a result, people are aware of your presence when you park in your storage unit or utilize the elevator because they can hear you. They've learned to link that distinct sound with your arrival over time and are ready to greet you. That takes us to the next reason why your cat is standing near the door, waiting for you to return home.

2 They are aware of your commonplace.

Apart from their hearing, cats have another trick they use to discover exactly while you get home.

They have a remarkable sense of time, and as a result, cats can anticipate when you will return home. Routine gives them experience, it's easy to follow, and it helps us cats identify your coming time, especially if you have a regular schedule they can learn and grow acclimated to...

Consider that if you return every day at 7 p.m., your pet will have become acquainted with him and will be waiting for you. It doesn't only work when you arrive; people can see an ordinary in a variety of unique elements, especially if it contains their dinner.

3 They desire your affection.

When we arrive home with our pets, we frequently give them goodies or pay them interest, especially if we've been gone from them for a long time.

It's fine to show a little more love and care when you're getting settled in, and they appreciate it.

4 They want to eat.

Cats may be really pleased to spend time with you, but they may also be thinking about something else, such as food. They've been a really good boy or girl all day and can't wait to be treated to something delicious that only you could offer them, so they're waiting for you so you don't forget about them.

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