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Training the dog on the flying disc


Training the dog on the flying disc

The Freestyle Flying Disc event at the Porina ® Pro Plan ® Incredible Dog Challenge is definitely a crowd favorite, combining creativity, skills, and teamwork that is amazing.

If you have an active dog who especially likes to play, this can be a great activity to try to toss and retrieve the dog event.


In the fantastic Dog Challenge freestyle flying disc event, a dog/handler crew plays a habit of tosses, catches, stunts and moves. The dog then gets a chance to earn bonus points by grabbing two long throws from his handler.

Each team is awarded points by the judges for their dog skills and handler skills. In case of a tie, the team with the most catches will be the winner.


You've seen a wide range of breeds competing in the Freestyle Flying Disc at the Incredible Dog Challenge, from shepherd breeds like the Australian Shepherds or MacNabs to other high-energy dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers or Whips. But the fact is, all you need is a dog with a strong desire, and a willingness to take the time to learn.


Freestyle Flying Disc Training Equipment are:

  • A dog in good condition can easily run and jump.
  • A flying disc.
  • A clean outdoor area with land and no barriers.
  • Heals for reward.


Freestyle Flying Disc is one of the incredible Dog Challenge events you can try for yourself. Many dogs are already active in catching flying discs, and if your dog is interested, your dog may have the potential to become a disc dog.

First, make sure you have a large fenced area to work in so that you and your dog can practice with enough room.

Start by introducing your dog to the flying disc, and engaging it with fun, praise and behavior. You can start by using the disk as a cup. Then treat the disc like a toy, get your dog excited to play. Finally, do what is called a "roll and retro" - just roll the disc on the ground and ask your dog to bring it back. When he does, give him an invitation and a compliment.

Once your dog is familiar with the disc, the next step is asking your dog to retrieve the disc from your hand. Sit 5-10 feet away from you with your dog, hold the disc at arm's length, as if it were in the air, and call your dog and call to retrieve the disc with your hand. Once he has done this several times, start throwing the disc a few seconds before he reaches you. Using this technique, you can practice long and long throws with your dog.


Andrea Regler, along with her husband Jason, uses the club level to play the final Frisbee®. Jason usually desired a canine he may want to throw a flying disc at.

The couple competed withinside the first-rate Dog Challenge, and now Andrea has joined Porina as a trainer. Its recommendation for beginners?

“Every dog is different,” Regler said. ““Don't compare your dog to another dog or a different trip to discover what makes your dog glow.. When you first start, you watch other players' videos and like their style. And adapt your unique style to them - don't go too fast and it's harder to do than you or your dog is ready to do first. Walk slowly and enjoy every moment - the journey we take with our dogs It's really fast. "

"All of our pups, however, have been rescued or rehabilitated, and we believe that rescue puppies are ideal for this playtime because many puppies can jump over obstacles. fences, have a lot of energy or have a natural herd. We look for a great disc dog. We like to let people know about 'Rock Stars' in their local shelters or rescue - that any dog can be really amazing. Is.


Find a Club: 

There are clubs and dog gyms across the country with facilities and academic staff. Just a quick online search to find your loved one.

Networking: Another great place to start is through networking through your local race club.

Exit: In fact, all you need is some flying discs, a backyard, or a park area where leased activities are allowed.

Flying Disc is a conventional recreation to your canine this is amusing and an outstanding manner to burn a whole lot of energy. Whether you're learning the tricks of the trade or having a good time at Dog Park, flying disc training is the best way to start. And if your dog hangs it, you can try your hand at the next dog competition!